United Cooling LLC.

  • sA17251DVHBLM-D
    DUAL VOLTAGE 115V/230V AC AXIAL 172X151X50MM 210/245 CFM IP ...

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  • AB22056V1HBL
    115VAC, AC BLOWER 220X56MM 52 WATTS, 126CFM ...

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  • AB18970V1HBL
    189*183*70MM, 115VAC 90cfm blower...

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  • DB5015V5HBL-FG-PWM-55
    50X15MM, 5VDC, 4.11 CFM, WITH TAC LEAD, PWM, AND IP 55 RATED...
  • A15055V2HBLM
  • D12738V12MBL-FG
    DC AXIAL, 12VDC, 127*127*38MM, 3500 RPM, 193CFM, 14.64 WATTS...
  • sDB6010V12HBL-FG-55
    DC BLOWER, 60*60*10MM, 12VDC, IP55 RATED 4.10CFM, WITH TAC L...
  • D6025V24LBL
    60X60X25MM, 24VDC, 22.29 CFM, 4500 RPM'S, BALL BEARING LEAD ...
Since its inception, United Cooling has consistently focused on delivering marketing and sales solution to the top players in the forced air cooling market. We now offer an extensive range of CE, UL, CUL certified, RoHS compliant AC & DC axial fans, Crossflow fans, and Blowers from world's biggest and most trusted brands of custom-made thermal solutions. All brands we showcase have been known for exceptional performance, and their product line features energy efficiency, greater design flexibility; longer service life, and lower noise.

With a large fan inventories, competitive pricing, fastest response, and shortest turnaround times, United Cooling delivers exact electronic cooling solution you require, on time, every time.

When you need something special for a specific design: be it AC/DC fans and blowers or crossflow fans, or any other such product, we will meet your requirements faster than any other axial fans supplier.

Our branded products serve
  • General aviation and commercial OEM's
  • Hospital operating facilities
  • Bus and railcar manufacturers
  • Food processing industry
  • Computer manufacturing sector
  • Medical equipment industry
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Electrical, Electronic, and HVAC OEM's
  • The Department of Defense and its subcontractors